Fotopleinair PanODERama von Fotografen aus Frankfurt (Oder) und seinen Partnerstädten



         PANODERAMA you are 2011 our   new visitor
We thank for your returning interest: In 2007-2010217.107 visitors have studied this side!

Photographers of the twin towns Nîmes,
Gorzow Wlkp., Vantaa, Heilbronn, Witebsk, Slubice, Frankfurt on the Oder
and the in partnership linked Vratza portrayed within the scope of 24 hours of photo marathon on the 4th and 5th May our (twice) town. Expiry of the Pleinairs:


Gorzów Wlkp.






Frankfurt (Oder)

Holger Gregor fotofetisch e.V.


The Fotopleinair PANODERAMA is a part of the EU of promoted project tourism conference of the twin towns “. The aim was that the double city of Frankfurt on the Oder and Slubice develops to the destination for tourists from the twin towns, as well as Frankfurters perceive the tourist possibilities of our twin towns increasingly and are of use.

With a detailed city tour the guests with Frankfurt on the Oder and Slubice were announced. Every participant city had already drawn lots in the eve seven "duty subjects" which was integrated now with the help of an accompanying Frankfurter into the desired "Choosing" and was processed.

Many thanks count for the Frankfurters who granted as a rule willingly and with interest insight or with pleasure model stood.

The whole extensive material of the Fotopleinairs and the admissions brought by the guest's photographers from the twin towns is further used for publications in printed and digitally processed form.

The organizers thank her reliable partners, pewobe according to. Ltd and the team in the Eurocamp, the photo specialist shop Schwenzer, the Fair und Event Ltd, to the tourism association, the town traffic society and the partners in the twin towns.

 The first choice presented  fotofetisch inc. from 06th May, 2007 for one month in the exhibition hall off the Kleist forum.

 Klaus Baldauf                                                                       Holger Gregor
Project co-ordinator                                                                fotofetisch e.V.


Gefördert durch den Europäischen Städtepartnerschaftsfond im Rahmen des Projektes Tourismuskonferenz der Partnerstädte
                                                                      Kadima                                             Slubice
Partnerstädte  Gorzów    Vantaa    Heilbronn   -Zoran   Yuma       Witebsk  Nîmes      Kreis  Gemeinde

Partnerstadtansichten der mitgebrachten oder beim Pleinair entstandenen Fotos

Frankfurt (Oder)               Gorzow Wlkp.                        Heilbronn                                Nîmes         
Slubice                                   Vantaa                       Vratza                                  Witebsk         

Weitere Ansichten des Autoren Klaus Baldauf mit Fotos von Frankfurt (Oder)

                        Klaus Baldauf

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15230  Frankfurt (Oder)
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